Our Projects

  • Urine Trouble

    Need to pee in public? Urine trouble. A methodology for accessible and inclusive washrooms in the Commercial-Broadway area. The methodology centres the expansion of Vancouver's public washroom network and advances recommendations for future washrooms, including higher standards of maintenance, harm-reduction principles, hygiene products/disposal, enhanced safety mechanisms, adequate floor space, and a web app.

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    Pop-IN Assessment

    Pop-IN Assessment is a site assessment tool created with the intent to render more inclusive public spaces, specifically that of the pop-up plazas implemented by Viva Vancouver. We hope this evaluation tool that we have created will push city planners and officials alike to consider more inclusive designs for future public spaces.

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    Metro Vancouver

    Project Tenantable Tents

    Homeless persons deserve a dignified and habitable living experience in their transition out of temporary living arrangements, such as tent cities. With COVID-19 prevention in mind, Project Tenantable Tents aims to provide basic living amenities to improve sanitation and habitability for the growing Strathcona Park Tent City, while the City of Vancouver works to house campers in more permanent accommodations.

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