Our Projects

  • Navigate Broadway

    The temporary bus stops created to accommodate the construction of the Broadway Subway have seriously impacted transit users’ wayfinding abilities, particularly for disabled and elderly individuals. To address this, Navigate Broadway provides a system of simple strategies for increasing accessibility, safety, and comfort through improved information dissemination.

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    School Active Travel Program (Remastered)

    This project was based on changing The City of Vancouver’s page for the School Active Travel Program to an alternative webpage that would further encourage and promote active travel to school for the students, parents, and/or schools. The way we built this alternative website was designed to attract more attention and engagement from students that visit the website, allowing participating students to better understand the program offerings.

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    Bike Buddy

    An app that helps cyclists navigate, plan and discover bike routes around Vancouver. The app will use GPS to locate and guide the cyclist. The cyclist can also search for routes that meet certain criteria (ie. off-street pathways only, comfortable for all ages, flat incline). Furthermore, the app will send feedback and data back to the City of Vancouver for analysis.

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