Our Projects

  • Restoring Musqueam Watershed

    An exploration of landscape design strategies through a portion of the Musqueam Watershed, where three creeks flow. The project aims to improve stormwater management in order to address downstream flood risk, water pollution and climate change while enhancing habitat. A series of proposed blue-green infrastructure strategies speculate on how to restore natural hydrologic processes to enhance the resilience of the watershed.

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    Community Organization Networks and GRI Engagement

    The City of Vancouver's Green Infrastructure branch is looking for innovative and exciting ways to engage with communities across the city to create dialogue about green rainwater infrastructure. This project explores first steps to building relationships with non-profits and neighbourhood houses that will result in increased engagement and mutual benefits.

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    Filipinx Engagement

    This project explores the barriers & tools for engaging the Filipinx community on Green Rainwater Infrastructure in Vancouver.

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    Why Did the Bee Cross the Road?

    A design guide that will assist in the scalable optimization of bioretention bulges in the City of Vancouver, by using green rainwater infrastructure strategies. This guide will also promote the use of specific vegetation to improve connectivity amongst these bulges as part of a pollinator pathway. By enhancing these pollinator corridors, this guide supports local biodiversity.

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    Roofs of Resilience

    A public outreach campaign to generate social impetus to drive the adoption of green roofs in Vancouver by creatively and effectively imparting knowledge to Vancouver's residents.

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