Climate Emergency Adaptation Strategy

CityStudio aims to create social innovators and change makers who will contribute on the ground in Vancouver and around the world. Projects are co-created, designed and implemented by teams of students, city staff and community members.

LUNA – Extreme Heat Emergencies


Hello, we are LUNA, also known as Langara United Assessments. Our project is...

Preserving Vancouver’s Intertidal Zone


We worked to produce a body of data that begins the task of...

Herring Heroes


Our project monitors the spawning of Pacific Herring at False Creek. Our group...

Life in False Creek: Herring Spawning 2022


We built, deployed, and monitored herring nets while sampling water conditions in False...

Seeing Green


Seeing Green will connect Vancouver's citizens through a map and education-based app. Our...

Roots to Resilience: A Community Engagement Framework


Our framework outlines an engagement process for building ongoing, trust-based relationships with the...