Our Projects

  • Better Benches

    Better Benches is an initiative to increase transit user’s knowledge of the local, Indigenous land. Bus stops will be recreated by Indigenous artists that feature a QR code that users can scan to increase place making and user engagement. Once scanned, users will be directed to a website filled with educational resources.

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    Beat the Heat

    A series of recommendations that addresses preparing for and responding to extreme heat events. This project aims to help protect seniors from heat-related illness and death by improving health communication from the government to the public, raising awareness on extreme heat events, and inspiring community mobilization.

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  • Vancouver
    Engaging With Vancouver Millennials
    Determining how the City of Vancouver can best engage with millennials in the city-wide planning process.
    Vancouver Underwater
    City-wide Plan advertising campaign.
    Pop-Up Around Vancouver
    Building Festive Engagement
    A way to increase youth engagement in city planning through festivals and public events.
    Vancouver City Hall
    Vancouver Student Manifesto
    A student-focused manifesto designed to impact the Vancouver City Plan.