You are about to go blue

We aim to be part of the movement to make people visualize and feel the effects of sea level rise through our promotional campaigns. We want to promote unity by incorporating multiple languages, acknowledging the importance of Indigenous communities, and valuing their input.




Integrated Marketing Communications (MARK 4820)


  • Frederica Jensen

City of Vancouver:

  • Angela Danyluk


Summer 2022


*HUBBUB 19 Winner: Staff Pick


The topic of our project is sea level rise, which is brought on by the ocean’s expansion as it warms up owing to global warming and when significant ice reserves from glaciers and ice sheets melt. Through our effort to raise awareness of the problem and promote more ecologically friendly behavior, we hope to help people feel and imagine living with a sea level rise in the future by illustrating how we can adapt to a world where sea levels are rising.

Since Vancouver is a multicultural city, the inclusion of multiple languages in our marketing materials will stand for inclusivity and diversity. Additionally, displaying images of sea life and people moving together while adjusting to the changes will elicit an emotional response from the audience and increase their awareness of the effects of sea level rise.

We aim to involve Indigenous people in this campaign as a representation of the coastal communities. Lastly, we aim to inspire and encourage people to be part of the change and spread the word about the risk of coastal flooding.

“We hope that CityStudio Vancouver will use our ideas to create this fantastic project.Being a part of it would be an honor for us as newcomers to this wonderful city.”  –  You are about to go blue team. 

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