Why Did the Bee Cross the Road?

A design guide that will assist in the scalable optimization of bioretention bulges in the City of Vancouver, by using green rainwater infrastructure strategies. This guide will also promote the use of specific vegetation to improve connectivity amongst these bulges as part of a pollinator pathway. By enhancing these pollinator corridors, this guide supports local biodiversity.




School of Environmental Science


EVSC 400


  • Kate Smith

City of Vancouver:

  • Alicia Kingdon
  • Sheri DeBoer
  • Cherie Xiao

Student Team:

  • Gabrielle Bourassa-Tait
  • Brigit Christie
  • Alyssa Moller
  • Laurel Persowich
  • Sahil Singh


  • Rain City Stategy



As a result of the growing population density and effects of climate change in urban areas, communities are increasingly vulnerable to flooding and habitat fragmentation. Green rainwater infrastructure serves as a sustainable water management solution utilized by the City of Vancouver to redesign existing grey infrastructure as part of its Rain City Strategy. In service of these goals, we are proposing a series of methods that will support water filtration and improve local biodiversity.

These low maintenance systems will serve to enhance local drainage, and when implemented in unison with carefully chosen vegetation, will support the connectivity of these sites for targeted bee species. By increasing the presence of biotic conditions that meet their needs, will mitigate concerns of habitat fragmentation and accessibility for these species, while preserving the safety and functionality of these managed green spaces for citizens. The strategic design of these bulges will improve biodiversity within these corridors, and will foster community engagement and learning opportunities for adjacent schools and residents through an educational program. These methods are ultimately scalable design guidelines which can be applied to optimize green community spaces and support biodiversity throughout the City of Vancouver.

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