Water in Vancouver StoryMap

Water in Vancouver is an interactive website that allows users to learn about CSOs and water management. This StoryMap provides strategic solutions for a preventative understanding of CSOs. The “Your Water Story” element is a community engagement and collaborative cartographical space. Here users turn their thoughts on urban water inward while making external connections by viewing different residents’ experiences.






Environment and Society (GEOG 410)


  • Loch Brown

City of Vancouver:

  • Heidi Horlacher

Student Team:

  • Shehzeen Arshad
  • Hannah Crisolli
  • Olivia Weibel
  • Maria Bradley
  • Elma Makini


  • Healthy Waters Plan


Spring 2023


The Water in Vancouver StoryMap addresses the need to spread awareness regarding CSOs in an accessible manner. The project seeks to provide users with education on CSOs, water overflow, and urban-runoff by presenting strategies that users can implement on an individual, community-based, and city-wide scale. We also hope that through our project, users will be better connected with both the water systems in Vancouver, and to community engagement opportunities in their area.

The narrative and informational flow of this StoryMap begins with an informative section on what combined CSOs are and where they are located. This is done by using an interactive map where users can learn more about CSOs by clicking on the sewer mains. They read what sewer system can be found underneath their own house! Users then learn about three simple individual mitigation strategies they can implement at home. The next chapter of the StoryMap observes multi-scalar strategies and solutions regarding CSOs. By utilizing scholarly articles to support the findings from the ArcGIS interactive maps, this section analyzes the way canopy cover, impervious surfaces, and rainwater infrastructure influence the way urban water moves through Vancouver. The StoryMap then allows users to learn about the importance of native vegetation in their yards by using descriptors, photos, and a button leading individuals to their very own pamphlet. Finally, the water story map is a proposed model of what could be further expanded on by the city. Here is an opportunity to create meaningful and informative dialogues around urban water between city residents and the city itself. By creating a collaborative cartographical space, people will be able to turn their thoughts on urban water inward while also making external connections through viewing different residents’ experiences with water.

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