Voting Tool

Open source voting tool to plan your vote ahead of time.




School of Computing and Academic Studies


COMP 4870


  • Medhat Elmasry

City of Vancouver:

  • Tadhg Healy
  • Kelvin Lau

Student Team:

  • Amy Hong
  • Andrew Le
  • Andy Tang
  • Aska Fang
  • Cameron Lay
  • Danny Di Iorio
  • David Eunhak Lee
  • Edmund Ham
  • Eva Au
  • Felix Lin
  • Garth Nelson
  • Greg Mercer
  • Hank Chang
  • Helen Han
  • Karanveer Khanna
  • Mike Hoang
  • Nirajan Manandhar
  • Noah Seltzer
  • Ruize Ma
  • Ryan Liang
  • Tommy Yeh
  • Tong Yang
  • Tony Pacheco
  • Yipan Wu


  • Engaged City

City goal area:

  • Building Capacity


Spring 2019


Phase 1

The City of Vancouver created a Voting Tool for the last municipal elections. This tool was so successful that the city decided to make it an open source project that the world can benefit from. Information Systems Option students at BCIT re-architected the original application so that it is suitable for an open source project on GitHub.

Some of the enhancements made to the original project are support for multiple elections, front-end customization, localization, and back-end management. The project was broken down into separate modules. Each team of 4-5 students worked on a specific module, and the project manager coordinated the various teams. Modern software development best-practices were implemented. We learned how to manage and implement a project catered to different audiences such as a small communities, cities, or nation-wide. We coordinated in sub-teams with different responsibilities as one large unit. Due to the open source nature, wide application, and audience of our application, we considered trade-offs of various technical tools allowing for extensible and change. We learnt how to take an existing idea and build an improved solution.

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