Vansheild (Beat the Heat with Shaded Spaces)

Hello, We are Vansheild. Our objective is to analyze the impact of rising temperatures on buildings in key districts of Vancouver, aiming to develop strategies for effective use of awnings to mitigate temperature effects on sidewalks. The insights gained will inform future urban planning, ensuring optimal building protection. Our goal is to contribute to the city’s sustainable development and benefit future generations.




Humanities and Social Sciences


Environmental Problems and Solutions (ENVS 2100)


  • Drew Egan
  • Mike Smith-Cairns

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Aman Saini
  • Asal Ghanadiof
  • Sergio Fernandez


Fall 2023


Vancouver faced an extreme heatwave on July 25, 2021, with temperatures hitting 39.1 degrees Celsius, causing 619 deaths. Shockingly, 74% of deaths concentrated in Fraser and North Vancouver. This alarming trend continued with 17 heat records broken on August 14, 2023, causing 110 deaths in Metro Vancouver. The heatwave, powered by climate change, is expected to intensify yearly.

The poorest people need urgent initiatives. East Hastings is a community that faces various challenges, from social isolation and economical struggles to homelessness. By empowering the community, preserving culture, and collaborating with local entities, we can transform it into a connected and supportive spaced specially during days in which the heat beat stronger.
Our practical solutions, the street awnings, can mitigate the impact of rising temperatures. Materials like Sunbrella fabric offer UV resistance and breathability. Installing them requires meticulous planning, considering size, versatility, durability, and accessibility, especially in public spaces.

East Hastings is just the beginning, street awnings are a valid for any public spaces, commercial zones, pedestrian walks, urban parks. Residential areas require privacy considerations, customization options, adherence to community rules, and clear guidelines for management and maintenance. Customization should cater to individual preferences while adhering to community rules for a harmonious appearance.

In conclusion, Vancouver must brace for escalating heatwaves, prioritizing the most vulnerable communities. East Hastings can be transformed through thoughtful interventions, and practical solutions like the street awnings can create not just better physical environments but also stronger, more connected communities. It’s a step towards a future where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can find relief and hope.

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