Vancouver Voting Van


Vancouver Voting Van

A modern take on increasing political knowledge and participation amongst low-income households.






CMNS 432: Political Communication, Public Opinion, Political Marketing

City of Vancouver:

  • Paul Hendren | Elections

Student Team:

  • Brandon Sims
  • Lachlan Karr
  • Katherine Karr
  • Ryan Teoh
  • Joyce Felizarta


  • Healthy City for All

City goal area:

  • Cultivating Connections


The Vancouver Voting Van is envisioned as a mobile voting center and information kiosk which will serve Vancouver’s low-income households. The goal of our project is to increase the political knowledge within this group, and ultimately increase the likelihood that they vote in the upcoming municipal election. The project was made in recognition that the main obstacle which prevented low-income households from participating in elections is the accessibility of information and voting opportunities. The Vancouver Voting Van addresses this issue by bringing all related resources to the previously under-served electorate.

Vancouver Voting Van
Vancouver Voting Van

Next Steps

The Vancouver Voting Van was awarded second place at HUBBUB #10 in April 2018.