Vancouver Climate Passports

Paper and online passports that walk residents through how they can get involved with the climate programs the city is already running. Stamps for participating and prizes or recognition on completion. We will provide a reasonable default for people who would otherwise be too intimidated to start and a guided tour for people who wish to go deeper.




Climate Action Lab 1 (ENVR 201)


  • Tara Ivanochko

City of Vancouver:

  • Paige Bennett
  • Alexandra Turnbull

Student Team:

  • Nathalie Adriana Funes
  • Karmen Legge
  • Bodhi Patil
  • Michael Coren


Fall 2022


We are proposing “Vancouver Climate Passports,” a simple and cost-effective guide for interested but not yet involved people to get started with the great opportunities the city is providing. The paper booklets contain information about local climate programs people can participate in, arranged in an easy-to-understand itinerary. After participating in an offering, the resident will get a stamp: at a certain level of completion, they qualify for an achievement certificate, social media recognition, or even prizes from local partners. By making a guided tour of the work the city government is already doing, we can help people get over the intimidation or fear of not knowing how to start getting involved. By its nature, the program is cheap and easy to administer: after printing and distributing the booklets, each new event or program only needs to be given a stamp that they can apply on their own. The most considerable strain of the program would be handling the achievement certificates as residents start to get involved. Addressing the climate emergency isn’t going to be easy, but we can try simple approaches like this to get even more attention for the wonderful work Vancouver is already doing.


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