VanCanPlan Scavenger Hunt

We “VanCanPlan”-ed an interactive scavenger hunt and engagement tool that fosters community connections amongst youth while gaining insight on youth opinions. Scavenger hunt locations introduce participants to local businesses or organizations within their community. Participants then fill in a short survey about resiliency and emergency preparedness to unlock clues to the next location and are entered in a prize draw.




Semester in Dialogue


DIAL 392


  • Janet Moore
  • Holly Schmidt
  • Adrian Sinclair

City of Vancouver:

  • Stina Hanson

Student Team:

  • Mailyn Lai
  • Sinead Russell
  • Disha Dattani
  • Jessie Gibson
  • Maria Preoteasa


  • Vancouver Plan


Fall 2020



In a crisis or emergency, it will not be first responders or your family and friends who can immediately come to your aid. Instead, it is your local neighbours (Jen Rae, Creative Resilience Lab). This is why community connections are so important.

VanCanPlan worked with the 2050 Vancouver Plan and focused on the fourth Provisional Goal: creating a prepared, safe, and resilient city. Our vision was to build resilient connection points between youth and their local communities. To do this, we created an interactive scavenger hunt that would connect youth with local businesses and organizations in their neighbourhood. This also provided the Vancouver Plan with feedback about youth experiences living and working in the City and how prepared they are for emergencies.

We chose to implement our scavenger hunt prototype in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood as there are many local businesses, it is a walkable community, and is transit accessible. We reached out to local businesses and four agreed to partner with us: The Drive Coffee Bar, Britannia Community Centre, Little Miss Vintage, and Slice of Life Art Gallery. We focused on businesses that were welcoming to young people, were easily accessible, and were enthusiastic about our mission. Participants of our scavenger hunt were given a clue on our social media pages to find the first location of the hunt. There, they could find a poster with a QR code linked to a survey with questions about emergency preparedness and community connectedness. Completion of the survey reveals clues to the next mystery location and participants are entered into a prize draw with each poster found.

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