Ugilicious: No Waste, Great Taste

Raising awareness of food waste by using unsold produce to create nutritious meals.






BUS 444

City of Vancouver:

  • Kai-Lani Rutland


  • Greenest City Action Plan
  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Increase local food assets


An alarming 40% of all food grown, harvested, shipped, stocked and purchased by business and residential customers is simply thrown away.

Over the course of a semester, students created a supply chain of organizations to recover some of the wasted food through community partners, like Nesters. The intention is to deliver it to students living in residence at SFU Burnaby, provide nutritious meals to people in need, or, for any food that cannot be consumed, ensure it makes it into the appropriate waste stream (eg. toward animals).

Students diverted over 1500 edible fruits and vegetables away from the landfill through this project, thrown away solely because of minor blemishes. As a result, the team generated over $400 in revenue from online and on-campus sales at SFU’s Burnaby campus and reached over 2000 individuals on Facebook in pursuit of widening the publicity of food sustainability.

Student Team:

Arintha Adelina, Daniel Breedveld, Louise Chapuis, Jeanne Chen, Wen Ting Fan, Darren Folk, Yuan Gao, Elena Guo, Tracy Han, Loraya Hrynkiw, Harvy Jawanda, Rahul Keshav, Kate Kim, Benton Li, Angela Li, Kaymen Low, David Lu, Menglu Ma, Claudia Mathieu, Laetitia Munsch, Anastasia Nozdrachova, Aidan Ponton, Kathy Shen, Katie Sork, Nana Trang, Kevin Tseng, Rox Ye

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