The Punjabi Market Community Zine

A zine showcasing stories of joy, resiliency, and everyday life in the Punjabi Market neighbourhood, featuring traditional community-grown sustainability practices and highlighting the history and heritage of the market. A project by the community, for the community.




Beedie School of Business


Civic Innovation Change Lab


  • Tamara Connell
  • Timothy Ames

City of Vancouver:

  • Marga Pacis
  • Leslie Ng

Student Team:

  • Anupama Hettiarachchi
  • Raiya Jessa
  • Eakjot Kang


  • Climate Emergency Action Plan


Spring 2021


The Punjabi Market Community zine is a locally based communication tool that hopes to showcase the diversity of stories and experiences in the Punjabi Market neighbourhood and aid collective efforts to revitalize the community space.

Over the past few decades, the Punjabi Market neighbourhood has experienced a slow yet steady economic decline in the face of Vancouver’s skyrocketing costs of living. As foot traffic decreased and running businesses no longer remained sustainable, the long-time residents of the market began to trickle out, leaving the market a husk of what it used to be. The neighbourhood became a space devoid of the vibrant consumerism and exuberant socializing and play that it was previously known for.

Our community zine intends to bridge these gaps by providing an item of pride for the market — a community building tool for learning about the people who live in the neighbourhood, for sharing of recipes and eco-friendly practices, for introducing (and possibly re-introducing) the local businesses and initiatives within the area, and for reminding residents about the historical significance of the market, and notable heritage locations. We hope that on top of tackling the issue of neighbourhood resiliency and social connection amidst the pandemic, the zine also addresses Big Move 1 of the City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan, by encouraging residents to go for a walk in their neighbourhood, and to shop locally.

As a project of this kind has not yet been investigated in this community, we hope that the zine will also act as a tool for dialogue between the neighbourhood and the City of Vancouver, in hopes that the community can advise the city and other community building organizations on the specific needs of the community, and differentiate it from the general needs of South Vancouver.

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