The Long Table

1800 Spyglass Place

The Long Table

A project series connecting high-level, policy-based goals with real people by connecting around a Long Table.


Emily Carr




  • Duane Elverum
  • Janet Moore

Student Team:

  • Justin Hay
  • Laura Kozak
  • Alexandra Mitchell
  • Theunis Snyman
  • Joshua Welsh


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Various


The goal of the Long Table Series is to connect the high-level, policy-based Greenest City Goals with real people and actions for implementing the Goals. For example, when the Greenest City Goals state the objective to “reduce per capita water consumption by 33%,” the Long Table Series brought a group of people together, provided a process by which one could obtain and install a rain barrel, and had guests contextualizing the use of a rain barrel in a larger story about water. Most importantly, the event built community around the implementation of the goals: people are together in a space, talking about sustainability, participating in solution-making and building relationships with each other.

The Long Table
The Long Table

The tables so far...

CityStudio Open House 2011 December
Design Nerd Jam- Abandoned spaces 2012 January
Citystudio open house 2 “Under One roof” 2012 January
False Creek Watershed society- Water for life May 2012
Vancouver international Storytelling festival 2012
The Long Table Valentine Potluck dinner
Food Stories at the Salt Building January 2012.
ECSU AGM at Emily Carr.
Long Table Secret Garden party May 2012 – Janet Moore’s House
Long Table Series at the Gastown “Lunch Meet” event every Thursday in July.

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