The Accessibility Toolkit

We developed a framework/toolkit to integrate accessibility and inclusion into the internal culture and functions of the City of Vancouver. The framework/toolkit is intended to serve as a reflection tool that encourages different departments to evaluate and improve upon their current policies and approaches to accessibility.




Sauder School of Business


BA 511


  • Wayne Rawcliffe

Student Team:

  • Heidi Upham
  • Serena Chuang


  • Accessibility Strategy

Community Partners:

  • Karen Lai
  • Kathy Berggren-Clive


The goal of this project is to develop a toolkit to supplement the Accessibility Strategy and Equity for internal use within City of Vancouver’s various departments. This toolkit is a reference tool for City employees to ensure that decisions are being made with accessibility at the forefront, and evaluate current policies and approaches to accessibility. It covers a question-led approach, tangible toolkit and guidance for successful implementation. Given Vancouver’s limited progress in accessibility development relative to other cities and municipalities such as Richmond and Victoria, this Accessibility Toolkit aims to address these concerns by providing a tool to support the eventual implementation of the Accessibility Strategy within the city departments. Ultimately, this will help the City of Vancouver to bridge the gap between its own development in the area of accessibility and the progress being made in other cities across British Columbia and Canada. We hope that, in the future, Vancouver will be a leader in the field of accessibility and inclusion, and that the city will be an example for other cities and municipalities across Canada.

“The accessibility toolkits created by the student will complement the City’s Accessibility Strategy. The City’s Accessibility Strategy goals are to reinforce the City’s recognition of the rights, dignity, and independence of people with disabilities within our community and to foster a culture of equity and inclusion for all residents, visitors and employees. These toolkits will provide City staff with tangible resources to use as they embed an accessibility lens in policies and practices.”
– Wilma Clarke, City of Vancouver
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