Tell-a-Friend 3

Feasibility report for a Tell-a-Friend initiative being integrated into an existing community or immigration support program.


Langara College




BUSM 4300


  • Kevin James
  • Caroline Dickson

City of Vancouver:

  • Nadia Carvalho

Student Team:

  • Reggin Eraut
  • Kylie Goodwin
  • Mariya Gorbatenko
  • Ali Kazemi
  • Shoh Zaynutdinov


  • New Start

City goal area:

  • Enhancing Newcomers Access to Services

Community Partners:

  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Spring 2019


Tell-a-Friend has been a multi-phase, multi-course, and multi-faculty journey that found its beginning when the Vancouver Immigration Partnership (VIP) identified that some newcomers still face barriers to accessing settlement services, and instead look to their trusted networks of family and friends for advice and information. Informed by these findings, the VIP proposed the development of an initiative that would better connect newcomers to settlement services.

In its third phase in Spring 2019, the project moved to the Applied Business Project course, and MOSAIC stepped up as a host organization, willing to explore the integration of the program into their services. Ninu Kang, Director of Communications & Development at MOSAIC, partnered with the student team who conducted a SWOT analysis and developed a communications strategy for the pilot. Their final report includes practical recommendations and an operational plan of what a Tell-a-Friend program would look like for MOSAIC and what staff and volunteer resources are needed.  VIP Coordinator and Social Planner, Nadia Carvalho, invited the group to present their work at the VIP Annual Town Hall.

Previously, in Phase I of the project, in the Summer 2018, Nursing students conducted the foundational research for the need of a Tell-a-Friend program as well as outlined the benefits and best practices required to start one. 

In Fall 2018, Phase II of the project progressed to an Integrated Marketing & Communications course where half of the class worked on a recruitment campaign for Tell-a-Friend volunteers, named Community Navigators, while the other half worked on campaigns promoting the Tell-a-Friend program to newcomers.

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