Street Art

Mount Pleasant

Street Art

Fostering connections and reimagining public space through collaborative community art.




Centre for Dialogue


SFU Semester at CityStudio


  • Duane Elverum
  • Janet Moore

City of Vancouver:

  • David Lewis | Integrated Graffiti Management

Student Team:

  • Elizabeth Danis | SFU
  • Kaleigh Brown | UBC
  • Riccardo Peggi | SFU
  • Zoë Biggs | SFU


  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Cultivating Connections
  • Being and Feeling Safe and Included


As shown in Portland, Ottawa, and Minneapolis, painted street murals tell a story of how our communities can become stronger by changing our streets into vehicles for lasting neighbourly connections and expressions of community-held values.

The Street Art project aims to connect neighbours and reimagine public space through collaborative community-made art. Through the process of designing and painting an on-street mural, residents have the opportunity to form connections with neighbours and create a sense of collective community ownership and pride. Street Art imagines neighbourhoods where people feel a sense of place and connection and are able to overcome the challenges of social isolation through art.

Street Art
Street Art

Project Status

The project has hosted five community meet-ups where over 60 neighbours came together to brainstorm design ideas and form new connections. Throughout the summer we will be fundraising and collaborating with an artist to refine our mural design in preparation for our Neighbourhood Painting Party in late August! The mural continues to be a vehicle for lasting neighbourly connections and a stronger sense of community within our Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Check out this handy flowchart for easy instructions on how to paint a mural on your neighbourhood street: Street Art Flowchart.

For more detailed instructions, check our How-To Guide: Street Art How-To Guide.