Stories of Victoria-Fraserview

A visual storytelling project that aims to amplify Victoria-Fraserview residents’ lived experiences through mural and street art. Our group of UBC graduate students are working alongside Wendy Mendes (CoV), Zahra Esmail (SVNH), and other city planners, community programmers, and artists to make it happen.




Faculty of Education




  • Rob Vanwynsberghe

City of Vancouver:

  • Wendy Mendes

Student Team:

  • Danielle Tan
  • Alyssa Harms-Wiebe
  • Brendan Chan
  • Bryant Race


  • Engaged City Task Force


Fall 2020


We are planning to deeply engage with Victoria-Fraserview residents—youth, adults, and seniors—to listen to their stories in order to better understand the lived realities of this neighbourhood. In this way, we hope to collect stories that will help inform us in implementing a mural or street art project, which we hope will contribute to a stronger sense of belonging among residents.

From conversations with the City of Vancouver’s Manager of Democratic Engagement, Wendy Mendes, and the Executive Director at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, Zahra Esmail, our group of UBC graduate students has come to know and understand the assets and deficits experienced by South Vancouver residents. As a result of our research thus far, we are pursuing a visual and visceral storytelling project that will highlight the assets of the community through mural or street art. Our hope is that by drawing attention to the assets of the neighbourhood, Vancouver citizens within and outside of Victoria-Fraserview will become more engaged with its story, leading to new opportunities to address issues of equity, to build community, and to increase neighbourhood advocacy.

Victoria-Fraserview has a story, history, and community that is unique to Vancouver. By highlighting these factors, our desire is to distinguish its narrative through visual, accessible, and geographically central artwork (ie. mural, painted pathway, mosaic) imagined and painted by artists that live in the neighbourhood. We firmly believe that storytelling is a powerful method because it is rooted in connection and our relationships with each other, and that stories can be used as tools of resistance, painted for all to see.

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