Stop! Look! Listen!

This project is a collaboration- and project-based approach to digital media production.




Media Arts


ANIM 332


  • Woonam Kim
  • John Li

City of Vancouver:

  • Ryan Hooper

Student Team:

  • David Ok
  • Alex Luo
  • Mike Wang
  • Scarlett Zhou
  • Daisy Huang
  • Kaya Zou
  • Aktash Singh
  • Harry Cho
  • Edward Yoon
  • Nathan Yang


  • Healthy City

City goal area:

  • Being and Feeling Safe and Included


Fall Semester 2019


Our project is a series of entertaining animations that  educate children about road safety, specifically, how to walk across the road safely. The client we worked with was the Vancouver Police Department, who require animations to supplement and enhance the educational programming they are doing in primary and elementary schools. We worked in small groups to create a finished digital media project that fulfilled a real-world client’s needs. Since the target audience is children and students, the challenge required a balance between the entertainment and educational aspect of our animation. 

Under the guidance of professors Woonam Kim and John Li, we were able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and produce satisfying outcomes. We not only learned how to meet client demands while not losing creative integrity, but also to collaborate with other creative minds in harmony.

Short Films

Safe and Sound

Look Left First

Cross Bloc

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