Stop, Look and Listen! & Wear Yellow

Stop Look and Listen & Wear Yellow is a two part collaboration with BCIT D3, CityStudio Vancouver and the VPD that focuses on teaching young schoolchildren how to walk safely as a pedestrian. Through storytelling and visuals, schoolchildren will learn how to tread carefully on their way to school, home and anywhere else.




Business & Media


MDIA 4400


  • Ramin Shadmehr

Student Team:

  • David Luu
  • Chuck Shin

Community Partners:

  • Ryan Hooper (VPD)


Stop, Look and Listen & Wear Yellow are two animation videos that teach schoolchildren how to walk carefully and safely as pedestrians through engaging and entertaining visuals.

Pedestrian safety is important for people to learn at an early age, especially for those who walk to and from school. Car-related injuries to child pedestrians do unfortunately happen and often it can severe, long-term or fatal. It is also important to note that, kids are not very aware of their environment at an early age which makes them more prone to distractions. With these points in mind, it is important to introduce and help kids understand safety practices for walking to prevent pedestrian injuries.

The two stories: Stop, Look and Listen & Wear Yellow are set in situations that the audience may often encounter. Stop, Look and Listen starts off with school kids on their way home from school. The children are clearly unaware of their environment and are not paying attention to where they’re going. Luckily, a police officer steps in and walks them through a easy, step-by-step process which can help them get home safety. Wear Yellow follows a similar concept but instead, a father gives some tips to his child, on how they can make themselves easily visible in a gloomy, dark day. By creating a relative and engaging story, schoolchildren may see themselves in such situations and apply the safety practices demonstrated in the video itself.

Through meetings and discussions, the BCIT D3 team: David Luu and Chuck Shin collaborated with Constable Ryan Hooper from the Vancouver Police Department in crafting a successful interactive story.

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