SPARC: Conduit Asset Management

SPARC is an enterprise level application that manages the city of Vancouver’s complex conduit network. Designed for the City of Vancouver’s Traffic, Electrical Operations & Design branch, SPARC’s goals are to model the city’s conduit data to allow for simple access, data visualization and asset management to aid in strategic decision making for T.E.O.D department.




Computer Science


COMP 3800


  • Ife Agboola

City of Vancouver:

  • Beverly Burnett
  • Jason Bethell

Student Team:

  • Bradley Masciotra
  • Ravinder Shokar
  • Monica Bacatan
  • Ryan Odribege


  • 2022 Corporate Plan


Spring 2023


Our team was presented with an exciting challenge of creating an enterprise application that could effectively manage and make strategic decisions regarding the conduit assets of the City of Vancouver. Our project was focused on organizing the current data set into various entities and models for scalability and growth within the city’s asset network. We aimed to create an in-between solution that would bridge the gap between the current state of the city’s conduit assets and their future goals for expansion and management.

The project was divided into four main components, with the first being requirements gathering. This involved understanding the needs of the Traffic, Electrical, and Operations Department of the COV, and gathering the necessary information to begin the project. The second component was data modeling, where we created a comprehensive data model to support the back-end development of the application. The third component was back-end development and integration, where we developed and implemented the web API, which simplified the process of organizing and retrieving information on the city’s conduits. Finally, the fourth component was creating the front-end of the application, which is scheduled to commence in the spring.

Through this project, we gained valuable insights into the city’s conduit network and assets. We learned how to properly visualize the data set and create an extensive back-end for an enterprise application. Moreover, the application we developed has several benefits, including scalability, replicability, and data integrity. The application can easily scale with the city’s assets, replicate for other assets and management strategies, and has been thoroughly tested to maximize reliability.

Overall, our team is proud of the work we have done in assisting the City of Vancouver in managing their conduit assets. We are excited to see the impact our application will have in streamlining the management and decision-making processes of the city’s conduit assets.


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