Soundscape for a Renewable City

A sound installation depicting sounds of a renewable city.




Contemporary Arts & Technology


CA 400


  • Mauricio Pauly

Student Team:

  • Daniel Blackie


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Climate Leadership


Fall Semester 2019


This project raises awareness about initiatives undertaken by the City of Vancouver to reach its Greenest City 2020 goals. The initial intention was to make a sound installation showcasing the “soundscape of a renewable city”. As the project moved forward, it grew to consist of multiple boxes of various sizes installed in a park. The boxes, made from salvaged construction scrap, emit sounds taken from field recordings of initiatives that the City of Vancouver has undertaken to become more sustainable, as well as sounds associated with these initiatives. The audio experience is triggered by an ultrasonic sensor as people approach the boxes. Sounds will vary depending on the distance individuals are from the different boxes. The sound installations are intended as semi-permanent works, and include a descriptive plaque to explain the project and convey context. McAuley Park is the site chosen to display the work. Through the process of working on this project I learned a lot about the sustainability initiatives that the city I live in have been undertaking. As my practice is mainly sound art, I also learned many other skills including: carpentry, programming, and soldering. Much was learned about the logistics behind making art for installation in public spaces, and how those logistics can be a huge part of a project like this. I also made many amazing connections and learned what the City of Vancouver has to offer to artists.

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