Smarter Parking

Metro Vancouver

Smarter Parking

Using artificial intelligence to help Vancouver utilize its existing parking resources more efficiently.




Computer Science




  • Kevin Leyton-Brown

City of Vancouver:

  • Rene Cravioto
  • Christopher Darwent
  • Jeffrey Li

Student Team:

  • Devon Graham
  • Tae Yoon (Harry) Lee
  • Taylor Lundy
  • Ali Mohammad Mehr
  • Satish Kumar Sarraf
  • Sara Uppal
  • Hedayat Zarkoob


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)

City goal area:

  • Green Transportation


Spring 2019


This Computer Science, graduate-level class investigated the traffic congestion issues in downtown Vancouver by targeting parking behaviour. Hunting for that perfect parking space causes more congestion than we think, which leads to increased driving time and greenhouse gas emissions. The students used artificial intelligence (AI) tools like deep learning, Google Maps simulated traffic data, and on and off street parking data to help the City of Vancouver and EasyPark better utilize the infrastructure they already have to increase parking efficiency. Parking has become a valuable and scarce resource in cities around the world, and evaluations like this help the City of Vancouver move closer to their Transportation 2040 goals.

View their presentation.

Smarter Parking

Next Steps

Student team invited by Jeffrey Li to present to City of Vancouver Engineering (Transportation) and Parking Services in June 2019.