Shield Your Community

To develop an integrated marketing campaign for 529 Garage that builds brand awareness and recognition. Our task was to create an overall theme, design creative campaign elements and develop media recommendations.




School of Management


Mark 2400


  • Frederica Jensen

City of Vancouver:

  • Rob Brunt
  • Lindsay Nicholson

Student Team:

  • Taylor Williams
  • Phuong Nhien Nguyen
  • Shahjahan Mir
  • Chanel Barcelon
  • Mercutio Bosnjak


  • VPD 529 Garage


Fall 2020


529 Garage is a bike recovery service that equips users with tools to aid in bike recovery and theft prevention. Our project is a social media strategy that includes concise messaging and strong imagery that represent communities such as the phrase “Together, we can prevent bike theft”.

The company offers a tamper-resistant shield for identification purposes that can be placed onto your bike. With the purchase of the protective shield, users can access 529 Garage’s downloadable app to communicate with other users regarding stolen bikes and bike recovery. One of the biggest takeaways from this service is the aspect of community which we plan to implement throughout our campaign. Furthermore, to encourage conversations with communities and boost online engagement, we plan to implement the strategic use of hashtags.

Additionally, we aspire to build long-lasting partnerships within communities by getting 529 Garage involved with programs such as Pedalheads bike program for kids; the idea behind this partnership is to acquaint families with 529 Garage’s services. In parallel, we plan to incorporate our campaign into local universities by creating a logo design challenge; this activity is meant to play on the idea of students’ school pride when it comes to university merchandise. As for video and radio advertisements, we plan to use audio branding with a distinct bike bell played within advertisements; the idea behind this for people to be able to recall the brand. In conclusion, by the end of the campaign, we hope our efforts will highlight the benefits of 529 Garage and encourage the use of their program.

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