Seeing Green

Seeing Green will connect Vancouver’s citizens through a map and education-based app. Our investment in education creates opportunities for community stewardship. Seeing Green will be the city’s go-to resource for green infrastructure education and support the creation and maintenance in Vancouver.




Humanities and Social Sciences


ENVS 2100


  • Mike Smith-Cairns
  • Jennifer Weldon

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Madison Strasman
  • Kyra Ycasiano
  • Bea Bridge


  • Climate Emergency Adaptation Strategy
  • Rain City Strategy


Fall 2020


Seeing Green will serve an important purpose towards educating Vancouver’s citizens on green infrastructure and will play a large role in making the future of our city as water-sensitive and sustainable as possible. This app would be an investment in public education and create the chance for community stewardship in relation to natural urban landscapes. Our proposal will be handling the topic of Community Engagement in Natural Urban Landscapes. With that, our focus is using our Seeing Green app design for modelling Vancouver’s green infrastructure. Tackling this idea is beneficial as enhanced resiliency and sustainability are evolving everyday. In response, Seeing Green will provide an opportunity for community awareness and participation to support green amenities dealing with water management.

Seeing Green strives to engage various levels of community groups in green infrastructure through convenient access to the locations and backgrounds of green infrastructure that have already been installed in the city. This helps to develop a method which will sustain and promote the maintenance and operation of current and planned green infrastructure.

Seeing Green will be a platform in which the standard Vancouver resident can be aware of and learn more about the methods in regard to the Rain City Strategy and Greenest City Action Plans. Seeing Green gives Vancouverites convenient access to an app which can show where green infrastructure is located around the city, and what positive benefits they’ll provide for the environment, community, and economy, as well as give relevant community members and groups the chance to take on a role of stewardship through our ‘Submit’ feature.

Seeing Green’s outcomes are to enhance public education, foster a culture of collaboration, and mobilize action towards Vancouver’s Green City Plans.

Seeing Green in Action!

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