School Active Travel Program (Remastered)

This project was based on changing The City of Vancouver’s page for the School Active Travel Program to an alternative webpage that would further encourage and promote active travel to school for the students, parents, and/or schools. The way we built this alternative website was designed to attract more attention and engagement from students that visit the website, allowing participating students to better understand the program offerings.




Info Art & Design


IAT 235


  • Andrew Hawryshkewich

City of Vancouver:

  • Alyshia Burak
  • Ryan Hirakida

Student Team:

  • Clark Tanquerido
  • Bathila Kankanamge


  • Transportation 2040
  • Transportation Demand Management Action Plan

Community Partners:


In this project we were tasked to improve The City of Vancouver’s School Active Travel Program webpage by increasing awareness of the program offerings. We first built a prototype for the website wireframes we developed in our previous project using html and css. With some research we had conducted and by looking through websites that are popular among younger students, our website architecture has been created to target elementary students, focusing on retaining user attention and engagement through the use of vibrant colors, solid grid structures, interactive designs and concise program descriptions along with graphic images explaining what each section of the website is about. With the changes we have made, we believe that the younger demographic would be more willing to look into what the School Active Travel Program has to offer without an overwhelming intake of information, but rather in a fun and vibrant way. We’ve learned there are many ways to present information but even the slightest change may attract a different target audience and push away that one you’ve intended. Our overall outcome is to be able to provide a more younger demographic-friendly website to potentially change their ways of transport to school with a more active approach.

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