Sam the Salmon’s Ravine Quest

​Renfrew Community Park

Sam the Salmon’s Ravine Quest

A fun, place-based, experiential learning resource in the form of a quest.




Semester in Dialogue: Outside in the City III


  • Laura Piersol
  • Mark Winston

City of Vancouver:

  • Carmen Rosen

Student Team:

  • Ioana Bisca
  • Nikalen Edwards
  • Sam Miess
  • Ahmed Lelamo


We created a fun, place-based, experiential learning resource in the form of a quest, also known as a scavenger hunt. The audience we aimed to engage are children between the ages of 8-11, with adult accompaniment, but anyone who would like to use our resource and spend an afternoon “questing,” may do so as well. Throughout the quest, a story is told by the fictional character “Sam the Salmon” about the salmon that once inhabited the creek. The story telling format allowed us to relay ecological information about the park in a fun and engaging way. The activities at each location in the quest are designed with two goals in mind. Firstly, to provide community members an educational resource to learn about biodiversity and as a result, have them appreciate the integral role that it plays in a healthy ecosystem. Secondly, to facilitate an experience that is conducive to fostering a personal connection with the natural world. We were able to tailor the design of the project towards meeting our goals, by both highlighting the importance of diversity in animal and plant species, and adding activities that engages the senses at each location of the quest. The result is a snapshot of our 7 week process, to be further developed, in which we created a fun and engaging program that facilitates a unique educational and recreational experience for questers in the ravine.

Sam the Salmon’s Ravine Quest
Sam the Salmon’s Ravine Quest

Next steps?

We sent our final product to the community center and the library near the park. Any feedback we receive, may be incorporated in an updated version of the quest. In order to fully realize the potential of our project, we hope to improve on it in the upcoming months, especially the visual formatting. We believe that the idea of a quest as a way to engage with parks in the city is a very powerful one, and because of the flexibility of design inherent in the quest format, it can have virtually unlimited applicability. We are excited to further explore different avenues in which a quest can be used to serve as both an educational and recreational tool.