Road to Resilience


Road to Resilience

Engaging the Dunbar community in emergency preparedness.




Applied Planning


APPL 5230: Social Planning & Community Development


  • Kathryn Nairne

City of Vancouver:

  • Katia Tynan

Student Team:

  • Sharon Johal
  • Cathy Lin
  • Alvin Chandy
  • Paula Oliveira
  • Gurpartap Sandhu


  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Cultivating Connections


Our project aims to create a usable and efficient engagement strategy for the Dunbar Community to engage its citizens in effective emergency preparedness. We have been working closely with the Dunbar Community Centre Association and the Dunbar Earthquake & Emergency Preparation (DEEP) team to identify key engagement barriers in the community and how to address these issues using unique methods and techniques of facilitation and engagement. Our strategy highlights how to best engage various target audiences at different levels of engagement. We will be focusing on three sectors of engagement: entry-level, participatory and leadership. Our strategy features methods and techniques to engage groups at the individual, neighbourhood, community and city level within each sector of engagement. We hope that by creating specific ways to engage key groups in the community we can contribute to the advancement and effectiveness of the existing emergency preparedness programs in place for the Dunbar area.

Road to Resilience
Road to Resilience

Next Steps

We hope our engagement strategy will be used by our community group to better engage members of their community. We will be sharing our final document with City staff and our partner organization.