An app supporting renters through the rental journey to build resiliency.




RADIUS, Beedie and Semester in Dialogue


Civic Innovation Change Lab


  • Tamara Connell
  • Tim Ames
  • Alia Sunderji

Student Team:

  • Sean Burris | SFU, Health Sciences
  • Jeffrey Baldwin | SFU Interactive Arts & Tech
  • Emily Paterson | UBC, Policial Science
  • Selina Tang | SFU Health Sciences


  • Healthy City

City goal area:

  • Cultivating Connections


Over 334,000 people in Vancouver are renters – that’s 53% of residents – and many are unaware of their rights, responsibilities, and available rental units in the city. One reason for this is inefficient delivery of information; the information that is available to renters is sits in online platforms, waiting to be accessed reactively to negative rental situations. There is an opportunity for the City of Vancouver to better support renters in a way that is engaging and interactive to help actively build resiliency and community within Vancouver.

Rentability is a service that helps renters navigate their rental journey and seamlessly access required information. This information is presented through engaging and interactive lessons. If the user wants to store their learned information, they can do so by saving it to the documentation section of the service. The documentation section also allows the user to upload images of important rental documents like lease agreements, communications and receipts. Rentability also includes a communication tool for renters and landlords to connect more transparently, as well as a way for rental neighbourhoods to connect as a community. This platform is designed to address key rental issues, specifically, those dealing resiliency and community highlighted by the Housing Vancouver Strategy.

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