Reimagine Your Park

Engaging and activating orphaned greenspaces in Vancouver.



City of Vancouver:

  • Andrew Pask
  • Matthew Holm
  • Sarah Orchard

Student Team:

  • Gian Paolo Mendoza | SFU
  • Alexandra "Zanny" Venner | UBC
  • Aateka Shashank | SFU
  • Marla Liguori | SFU


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Access to Nature
  • Green Transportation


The Reimagine Your Park Project is engaging with ‘orphaned greenspace’ within the City of Vancouver by piloting a revitalization at McAuley Park on April 6th. Orphaned greenspaces are small parcels of underutilized open space such as parks, street medians and streetscapes. The purpose of this project is to inspire and expand people’s perceptions of the use of small-scale green space.

Our project manifests itself in the Mount Pleasant community at the intersection of Kingsway and Fraser at McAuley Park. The revitalization involves the installation of temporary and amenable park features, including sculptural seating, a central gathering space, and Vancouver’s very first public piano.

Doing so our project successfully supports the 2020 Greenest City Action Plan by addressing the Access to Nature goal and the Green Transportation goal by creating a new vibrant neighborhood-scale public green space.

To help us ‘reimagine’ McAuley Park we have worked with the 13 businesses on the 15th Avenue commercial strip and the Dickens Community Group, who tend to the McAuley Park community garden. Our main contact has been Andrew Pask, a community planner. However, to help us put our project on the ground we have worked with Matthew Holm and Sarah Orchard, key staff members from the Streets and Engineering Departments at City of Vancouver.

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