Reasonably Radical

A Climate Change Education Podcast is a new form of professional development for our increasingly uncertain world – one that is honest, urgent, hopeful, and above all, radical! This podcast will help all educators see themselves as climate change educators. Join us!




Faculty of Education




  • Rob Vanwynsberghe

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Derek Van Deursen
  • Kate Jmaeff
  • Kathryn Payne
  • Jasmine Hare


  • Climate Emergency Action Plan


Fall 2020


Reasonable Radical: A Climate Change Education Podcast aims to address the challenge of the climate emergency and connect it to climate education in K-12 schools. There is a need for an approach to education that is for people, place, and planet. Through this audio journey, listeners will come to see what challenges we face when educating our children about climate change, and what we can do to be more effective. Our students need to become systems thinkers who can connect the dots, finding and advocating for solutions that address the roots of complex problems, like achieving climate justice and tackling systemic inequality. This will contribute to a public that is more well-informed about enacting meaningful solutions.

As teachers in Lower Mainland elementary and high schools, we want to create a new form of professional development that is accessible, engaging, and useful for educators, with links to curriculum and teaching resources. We have created a plan of a 7 episode season for our podcast and sought feedback from a variety of professionals connected with education and sustainability to help us ensure our content is impactful. We aim to centre a wide range of voices and showcase exciting, hopeful examples of educators and youth engaging in meaningful climate change learning and action. Visit to access our curated resources, listen to our podcast, and join us on this journey to become a climate change educator!

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