Educating homeowners about disconnecting their downspout.




School of Management (Business)


MARK 2400


  • Anne DeWolfe

City of Vancouver:

  • Wendy de Hoog | Green Infrastructure
  • Cameron Owen | Green Infrastructure
  • Yette Gram | Planning

Student Team:

  • Amir Malik
  • Elaine Chuong
  • Jessica Chow
  • Ryan Brar


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)

City goal area:

  • Clean water


The primary objective of the Raincity: Rainwater Management project is to educate homeowners about disconnecting their downspout. In order to achieve this, students have designed a creative and interactive marketing communications plan touching on every part of the IMC mix. The objective is to raise awareness about the implementation of green infrastructure throughout the city, and protecting and preserving the environment. The target market is homeowners of single-family detached homes in the City of Vancouver. It is expected that the homeowners will range from middle to senior age, will be educated, forward-thinking and family and community-oriented; mainly in the Baby Boomer generation.

Using a positive, upbeat approach with each IMC element, the project will communicate a happy message which shows the target market that the Raincity project is good for everyone in Vancouver as well as the environment. An emphasis will be placed on the benefits of disconnecting one’s downspout. The posters and advertisements will use animation, cartoon style imagery with a hint of realism to bring a casual and friendly appeal, and connect with the target market.

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