Put Waste in its Place


Put Waste in its Place

An initiative to reduce single-use items by encouraging restaurant patrons to bring reusable containers.




Land and Food Systems


LFS 350: Land, Food and Community II


  • Will Valley

City of Vancouver:

  • Paul Gagnon

Student Team:

  • Rachelle Duckworth
  • Selin Oguz
  • Zuzana Sobotkova
  • Kelly Xu
  • Simiao Wei
  • Michelle Yee


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)

City goal area:

  • Zero Waste


Spring 2018



The “Put Waste in its Place: Take-out Containers” project addresses the growing problem of waste creation that inevitably results from the use of single-use items. We wish to emphasize the reduction of waste as the primary step before before reusing and recycling —particularly with containers. Our current work includes a literature review, and proposed sticker system to identify businesses who partake in a reusable-container initiative. The aim of the paper is to determine if there is an existing precedent for creating a program that encourages the patrons of food establishments to bring their own reusable containers for left-over food. In addition, we highlight the barriers and motivators of waste production, as well as the effectiveness of visual reminders.

Put Waste in its Place
Put Waste in its Place

Next Steps

Now that the term is over, the progress of the project will be postponed until the next upcoming LFS 350 class takes over. Through our literature review, we hope to have provided a foundation and inspire potential ideas for the next group. Currently, the project is in its initial stages with its potential functionality being supported by past studies. Thus we hope the next group can implement our sticker program within the community.

This project also won 1st Place at HUBBUB #10 in April 2018.