Public Spaces Documentary

Downtown Vancouver

Public Spaces Documentary

A documentary project exploring Vancouver’s downtown public spaces




Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media


FVIM 300


  • Christine Stewart

City of Vancouver:

  • Thomas Daley | Planning, Downtown
  • VIVA Vancouver

Student Team:

  • Caroline Lee
  • Jiwon Lee
  • Leonie Wind


  • Downtown Places & Spaces Strategy


Students created a series of documentary shorts to explore and bring awareness to Vancouver’s downtown public spaces. The shorts support the Downtown Places & Spaces Strategy which aims to improve and create more public space in the downtown area. They interviewed experts and people on the street to find out what public space means to them and the community. The resulting work was a 3-minute video teaser and short social media clips used to promote public space and to attract interest to the project. The collection of b-roll and interviews will also be used as research. The students spent around two months filming in the downtown areas.

View the video (password: ‘hello’)

Public Spaces Documentary
Public Spaces Documentary

Next Steps

The team would like to continue work on a longer narrative with unused footage, taking a more personal and critical eye to public space. The city planning team is also interested in using further illustrations as their project develops. The video also requires transcripts and close captioning.