Project Turbocharged

Electrifying youth to drive change






CMNS 349


  • Shane Gunster

City of Vancouver:

  • Jennifer Wahl

Student Team:

  • Ryan Gander


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)

City goal area:

  • Climate Leadership


Spring 2019


Project Turbocharged fosters uptake of zero emission personal transportation modes by exposing Vancouver school students to the vehicles up close and personal.

The problem is that despite access to zero emissions transportation modes, electric vehicles account for only 0.4% of all passenger vehicles in the Lower Mainland, which would need to grow significantly to reach Transportation 2040 goals. Perceived barriers to adoption are compounded by a lack of awareness and education. I learned through my research that youth have a large intergenerational influence over transportation choice and environmental values. Also in order to create ecological citizens these values need to be instilled at an early age. Youth also have agency and a sense of urgency around environmental issues. In addition, those that are previously exposed to alternative modes of transport are more likely to adopt them.

Project Turbocharged brings electrified modes of personal transportation (cars, scooters, bikes, motorcycles) to Vancouver schools for students to explore in an interactive and informative display that breaks down barriers to adoption. The project educates on the environmental impact of transportation, as well as on the COV’s GCAP and Transportation 2040 goals. Communication within the project speaks to youth in a way that is fun and informative. Those students that are exposed to the project are more likely to promote and adopt zero emission vehicle choices for themselves and those around them now and for years to come.

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