Pedestrian Road Safety

Our project was an Integrated marketing communications campaign that aims to communicate the responsibility young pedestrians have for their own safety. Our main goal is to make teenagers feel responsible for their own safety




School of Management


MARK 2400


  • Frederica Jensen

City of Vancouver:

  • Ryan Hooper
  • Tara Gallen

Student Team:

  • Matheus Paiva
  • Hamin Yeon
  • Chermine Alexandre
  • Brandon Chen


  • Climate Emergency Action Plan, VPD Strategic Plan


The goal of this group project is to develop an integrated marketing communications campaign with fresh ideas and content communicating the responsibility pedestrians have for their own safety. This project is aimed at increasing public awareness of distracted street crossing. Our primary target audience groups are age children 12+ and elders age 65+. In collaboration with the VPD, we have envisioned an IMC campaign under the name of “Pedestrian Road Safety.” During the campaign, we will use a mix of IMC tools to get the message out to the people. The IMC tools include animated videos, posters, OOH, audio ads, social media postings, and various public events. The highlights of the project are the animated videos and audios for radio and Spotify. For animated videos, we created a sample storyboard. We developed friendly characters that can be carried out through multiple mediums while maintaining a mild fear appeal with a humorous tone. Together, these elements would accurately convey our message. We believe the use of animation is a powerful way to reach our audience. It attracts attention from people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and languages resulting in an easy-to-understand message. For audio messages, we envision the use of storytelling to paint a vivid picture in the listeners’ minds and leave a long-lasting impression. We believe there is a correlation between commuting and listening to music. In order to reach our target audience in the right place and at the right time, we will use Spotify ads. We believe our campaign can achieve the objective if properly implemented, and results in actual positive results by reducing accidents involving pedestrians in Vancouver.

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