Parks and Projects: A Strategic Approach to Data Management 

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation faces challenges in document retrieval and template selection, leading to operational inefficiencies for project managers. Our solution delivered a scalable, user-friendly SharePoint repository, aligning with client needs. The system streamlines processes, reducing non-value-added activities and enhancing productivity. Adhering to design guidelines, our recommendations for the future include expanding its usage across departments.




Business Operations Management (OPMT 3341)


  • Michael Hodges
  • Richard Vurdela

City of Vancouver:

  • Shirley Wu

Student Team:

  • Nylah Khan
  • Jannah Luissa Buno
  • Jenny Jeong


Fall 2023


The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is currently facing challenges related to document retrieval and template selection inefficiencies for project managers, leading to time-consuming manual efforts, delays, and potential errors in project management activities.

This project addresses key challenges related to document retrieval and template selection for project managers. The current absence of an efficient search function within the main repository results in time-consuming manual efforts to locate documents. Additionally, project managers face uncertainty in selecting the appropriate templates for specific purposes, leading to delays and potential errors. Non-value-added elements, such as scrolling and excessive clicking, contribute to operational inefficiencies. The project aims to streamline these processes, minimizing time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing overall productivity in project management activities.

Our team delivered a scalable, user-friendly document management system tailored to the Vancouver Park Board’s needs, laying the groundwork for future enhancements and organizational efficiency. VPB’s newly designed SharePoint repository offers a scalable document management system. It has been aligned with client requirements to incorporate an optimal layout, clear navigation, and adaptable features. The integration of VanDocs as the ERDMS ensures version control, metadata management, and data security.


Implementing the project management repository provides the following benefits:

1. Reduced non-value-added activities in the project management document retrieval process.

2. Consolidation of project templates.

3. Centralization of project templates.

Throughout this process, our team adhered to a set of design guidelines, maintaining clarity, neutrality, and consistency in our approach. Our recommendations for future improvements are a combination of backlog items and ideas which fell outside the scope for this project. These include expanding the current template library, increasing usage of the repository across departments, and utilizing more of SharePoint’s Workflows feature to automate business processes.



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