Orphaned Spaces


Orphaned Spaces

Research and mapping of unused public land in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood.






  • Duane Elverum
  • Janet Moore

City of Vancouver:

  • Andrew Pask (Community Planner)

Student Team:

  • Jaclyn Bruneau
  • Martyna Purchla
  • Becky Till
  • Victoria Veidner


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Access to Nature


The key components of the Vancouver Orphaned Spaces project include a map of all the orphaned spaces and parking lots in the Grandview-Woodlands neighborhood and a transformation of one space. This marks the first time a map of this kind has been created in Vancouver. The map is intended to be a valuable resource for locating future City projects including orchards, community gardens, farmers markets, community events, parks and more.

Our intention with the transformation of one orphaned space is to contribute to the City of Vancouver’s Access to Nature goal, demonstrate the potential of orphaned spaces, install an interactive art piece in the form of a picture frame and to embody the ideals of the community in a transformative landscape plan.

Orphaned Spaces
Orphaned Spaces

Stewardship Plan

A maintenance plan is vital to the preservation and beatification of the space. The transformed space belongs to the community, and it would be ideal if residence of the area took ownership of the parkette. We have identified one volunteer within the community who is enthusiastic about looking after the space. In the coming weeks we will create a maintenance plan with our volunteer. We also hope to build partnerships with additional community stakeholders to create a stronger sense of ownership and to ensure long-term maintenance.