Orphaned Spaces: Marpole

Research and mapping of unused public spaces in the Marpole neighbourhood.

City of Vancouver:

  • Lil Ronalds | Planning

Student Team:

  • Emma Fennell | UBC
  • Alyssa "AJ" Koehn | UBC
  • Steve Stanczyk | ECUAD
  • Logan Sturrock | ECUAD


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Access to Nature


Orphaned Spaces of Marpole is a research study and proposed activation of orphaned (underutilized) urban green spaces in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Marpole. The selection of these spaces and their subsequent proposed reinventions have been shaped by the Greenest City Action Plan (Access to Nature) which outlines that all Vancouverites will live within a five minute walk of a green space.

The project was created through mapping, with the identified spaces located and identified according to a typology. By establishing a research methodology, Orphaned Spaces of Marpole provides a template that can be applied to the neighbourhoods across the city. Additionally, the work provides insight for the developing Marpole Community Plan.

This project builds on the original Orphaned Spaces project created in Spring 2012.

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