Online Training Platform

Online Training Platform: We are a group of CIT students from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Our project aims to implement an online Learning Management System for the City of Vancouver’s engineering department so that employees can train at their own pace while achieving greater learning retention with the assistance of mobile learning.




Computer Science




  • Michal Aibin

City of Vancouver:

  • Bob Ahtesham
  • Sydnie Koch

Student Team:

  • Bradley Gee
  • Di Gao
  • Illan Sempere
  • Kashya Kaczkowska
  • Michael Chen
  • Liam Kneblik
  • Michael Hao


  • Engineering Services Strategic Plan



In early 2022, the City of Vancouver approached BCIT seeking a technical solution to improve their existing training model. Under the legacy training model, the City of Vancouver would arrange in-person training sessions with both the trainer and trainee, often holding a meeting space for several days at a time. This was not only difficult to coordinate but posed an unnecessary medical risk due to the pandemic.

Our team of students from BCIT worked closely with stakeholders from the City of Vancouver to conduct extensive market research to determine an ideal solution for the City of Vancouver based on cost, functionality and feasibility. During the research, the team explored several platforms including open source projects which support customization and existing services, examined the cost benefit analysis closely, performed usability studies and calculated story points in order to determine the best solution.

As per our recommendation, the City of Vancouver has chosen Edapp as their Learning Management System provider. Our team assisted city staff with implementation, during which we assisted with converting existing materials into the Edapp compliant format and wrote up a user manual to help prospective users in picking up the new mobile learning platform. Our team is confident that with the guides and configured structure, trainers can create new lessons and quiz materials, prospective employees can learn the materials at their own pace, and overall expedite the training process by removing the need for scheduling.

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