Neighbourhood Clubhouse





Beedie School of Business




  • Timothy Ames
  • Alia Sunderji
  • Tara Mahoney

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Hasti Zakeri
  • Rojan Sadeghi
  • Leo Dittmer
  • Krystle Skuggedal


  • Resilient Vancouver

Community Partners:

  • Krista Loewen | Vancity


Spring 2020


Based on the idea of the Thingery, The Neighbourhood Clubhouse uses a borrowing system as a tool for community building among neighbours. With a take one and leave one system for board games and books, The Neighbourhood Clubhouse is an intimate space for individuals from the neighbourhood to drop by, hang out, and meet their neighbours!

Through our research we found that people in Metro Vancouver aged 20 and older lack a sense of community and meaningful connections with their neighbours because neighbourhoods do not provide inclusive and accessible spaces that people can access in an easy, informal way that facilitates forming relationships with neighbours.

The Neighbourhood Clubhouse is a low-barrier space that encourages neighbourhood resiliency by helping residents build social capital. Anyone walking by is welcome to use and enjoy the space, which is facilitated by the take-one leave-one system that encourages people to stop in. The space has basic amenities such as cozy seating, greenery, and shade. In addition, our space uses a co-op system to provide the neighbourhood with agency over their clubhouse; anyone can use the space during the day but co-op members oversee the structure and its programming.

The Neighbourhood Clubhouse is a space run by the neighbourhood, for the neighbourhood.

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