Minecraft, COVID Spaces, and the City of Vancouver

Our project aims to engage youth in the reimagining of outdoor COVID spaces through the use of Minecraft. By creating models of the spaces in the game, we are able to provide an interactive opportunity for individuals of the community to realize their goals for the space, identify problems and come up with creative solutions. As well as engage the youth of Vancouver through the use of the video- game’s popularity




Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - Political Science


Introduction to Public Policy (POL 253)


  • Aude-Claire Fourot

City of Vancouver:

  • Danielle Johnson

Student Team:

  • Rory Crerar
  • Jenna Hassan
  • Lynn Ogryzek
  • Paul Wickens


The City of Vancouver has many outdoor spaces leftover from COVID around the city. These spaces were developed quickly and not sustainably. These spaces have since become very popular and the citizens of Vancouver wish to keep them, with some well-deserved improvements of course.

We were tasked with finding a way to facilitate these improvements, we found that Minecraft, the 3D video game would be the best way to achieve this. Minecraft allows people to visualize and interact with these spaces, allowing for more profound analysis of problems and better creation of solutions. This strategy could very easily be replicated in other areas of urban planning because of Minecraft’s ease of use and versatility.

However the use of Minecraft brings a second benefit to our project. Using a video game to aid in city planning will encourage and excite youth about participating in the planning of the city of Vancouver. The benefits of involving youth are numerous, an engaged population of youth in Vancouver will age into an engaged population of adults in the city.

The more civic engagement, the more enjoyable the city will be and there would be less pressure and uncertainty around city planning. The more individuals that are engaged the more diverse a perspective the city will have in regards to it’s future, which would allow for incredibly creative solutions to problems.

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