LUNA – Extreme Heat Emergencies

Hello, we are LUNA, also known as Langara United Assessments. Our project is about the responses to the extreme heat emergency in British Columbia. Our goal is to reduce heat illnesses caused by extreme heat, while also providing useful information on how to stay safe during a heat dome event.






Applied Human Geography (GEOG 2275)


  • Colin Mills

City of Vancouver:

  • Leila Darwish

Student Team:

  • Daniel Blackmore
  • Kenny Crawford Cleban
  • Luciana Ferro Sardi
  • Liam Higgs
  • Sonampreet Kaur
  • Joss Klinck
  • Nicole Lam
  • Sze Ka Leung
  • Kendell McCallum
  • Kyla Mui
  • Joanne Ngai
  • Lawrence Rowland
  • Saanya Shah
  • Randeep Singh
  • Andrew Vidoni


  • Resilient Vancouver


Spring 2023


In 2021, during the COVID-19 outbreak, British Columbia suffered from an extreme heat event that caused the temperature to rise from 45°C at specific locations. While other locations, their temperatures were reaching around 40-45°C . From the information we collected, we came across a myriad of research in which this material can help Vancouver Coastal Health solve the issues with extreme heat and improve public safety and prevent heat deaths. A lot of the information we discovered was from both here in Vancouver and outside of Vancouver. The goal was to understand the extreme heat crisis while focusing on a solution to reduce the extreme heat in British Columbia. The solution that was found was the accessibility to get access to a cooling center. This issue occurred because half of the population is either younger adults or seniors. Some of the neighborhoods in or around British Columbia, can’t get access to a cooling center is because of transportation. Transportation for seniors is difficult because some have medical conditions. People living in apartment complexes have issues opening up a window due to not having access to airflow. After much research on cooling centers and airflow, the suggested idea was to check in with their neighbors and do a little check-in. This can help with the decreased number of deaths. It is also valuable for folks with medical conditions, as some struggle during those extreme heat events. We also suggested increasing the air conditioning supplement in public areas so that people can access them.

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