Liveable Streets

A model that seeks to improve the way Vancouver’s streets look, function, and are used by people. Our goal is to create more inviting and safer streets that increase functionality and liveability for residents. To be supported by inclusive design and community involvement, we aim to create lively boulevards that redefine streets as thriving hubs of social interaction and well-being.






Environment and Society (GEOG 410)


  • Loch Brown

City of Vancouver:

  • William Dunn

Student Team:

  • Melissa Barber
  • Timur Zaruev
  • Hugo Leung
  • Waldron Lau
  • Phil Person
  • Ryan Carteret
  • Rhiannon Pierce


Fall 2023


Our project lies in the aspiration to transform streets into vibrant, community-centric spaces. We aim to make this vision a reality by introducing chicanes to various streets across the city. Going beyond conventional traffic calming measures, these installations are pivotal in fostering safer, more accessible, and socially engaging streets.

The primary goal of our initiative is to craft streets that prioritize people over cars, creating safe environments that promote social interactions and a sense of belonging. Our vision aligns with the City of Vancouver’s initiatives like slow streets and pop-up plazas, amplifying walkability, reducing pollution, and contributing to citizens’ well-being through active transport.

The introduction of chicanes redefines street spaces, offering more than just thoroughfares. They serve as platforms for community engagement, providing opportunities for amenities like little libraries, seating areas, sheltered spaces, community garden boxes, and other communal installations. This transformation enhances streets’ usability, turning them into multifunctional spaces that encourage diverse activities and gatherings.

With our commitment to robust community involvement, we’re eager to engage residents, local businesses, and other stakeholders right from the outset, integrating their perspectives into the design and site selection phases. This collaboration extends to city planners, landscape architects, and urban designers, ensuring that our plans are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of each neighbourhood while adhering to city guidelines. Transparency and inclusivity are paramount in our approach. As we kickstart this initiative, our focus is on garnering support through strategic partnerships and exploring crowdfunding avenues to secure the necessary resources.

The visual representation of these chicanes embodies creativity and functionality, envisioning vibrant boulevards adorned with greenery, interactive spaces, and creative community installations that reflect the essence of each neighbourhood. Together, we can reimagine streets as more than just pathways; they can become thriving hubs of community life.

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