Let It Rain, Let Us Care

Rainwater, a vital resource for our city and ecosystem, faces disruption due to urbanization. Green Rain Water Infrastructures capture and purify it before returning it to the earth. Our team representing Langara College has built a campaign for the Rain City Strategy to recruit volunteers to support this initiative.






Integrated Marketing Communications (MARK 2400)


  • Frederica Jensen

City of Vancouver:

  • Madeline Wilson

Student Team:

  • Shu Ting Nadia Chan
  • Marcos Emilio Garcia Avendaño
  • Derian Chow
  • Kai Daza Goudge
  • Divyanshi Kataria


Fall 2023


Rainwater in our city is a valuable asset for our communities and natural ecosystems. Due to the city’s urbanization, the natural water cycle is disrupted. However, with Green rainwater infrastructure, the rainwater is captured and cleaned before returning to our atmosphere. As a result, it improves our city’s natural and urban ecosystems, and makes our city more livable and sustainable.

The Rain City Strategy is a marketing campaign designed to help the City of Vancouver promote volunteering to become stewards of raingardens around Vancouver. Our project was created in order to recruit school-aged children, their teachers and parents, as well as older retired adults to become stewards for the Green Rainwater Infrastructure. This incredible program requires help from the community, and in return offers a valuable outdoor activity, sense of community, and educational opportunity on how to care for the local ecosystem.

Our campaign uses collages as its creative theme as they’re visually appealing to a wide audience and in touch with the values that go along with the GRI. We believe that, through our campaign, more citizens can be encouraged and empowered to participate in GRI stewardship. By promoting GRI stewardship across communities in Vancouver, we are thrilled to create a more livable and sustainable city.

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