Leisure Access Program

Our program mainly focuses on solving the problems of the Leisure Access Program in Vancouver. The low-income cut-offs are not high enough, leaving many marginalized people left out. We are considering if a new low-income threshold can be developed for residents of the City of Vancouver. What is the best practice for including more low-income residents in the Leisure Access Program?




Problems and Controversies in the Economy (Econ 490)


  • Catherine Douglas

City of Vancouver:

  • Paul Czene
  • Peter Marriott

Student Team:

  • Tingyuan Zhang
  • Will Ji
  • William Stothers


Fall 2022


Our project focuses on reviewing low-income policies in other big cities. We will consider how these cities are different from or similar to Vancouver and how their low-income policies can be applied to Vancouver. When we review other cities’ policies, we will think about who is being left out and how a measure or policy can be designed to include them. Eventually, having researched best practices from other comparable and reputable cities on this matter, we will see how various “poverty lines” target different parts of the city geographically. We will also discuss which poverty assessment strategy would be most beneficial to the Parks and Recreation Department in its goal to increase access among low-income people.


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