Landfill Parts Warehouse RFID Business Case

The RFiD Project for City of Vancouver was designed to implement new technology to automate inventory tracking processes. RFiD tags were chosen as the assessed technological option to apply for a streamlined process at Landfill.




Business Operations Management Program


OPMT 4449


  • Jason Young

Student Team:

  • Jason Do
  • Shaun Afsharkia

Community Partners:

  • Barbara Campbell
  • Scott Russell
  • Amritpal Kaila


In Fall 2020, CityStudio Vancouver collaborated with BCIT Operations Management Capstone Project and the City of Vancouver Fleet and Manufacturing Services stores – Landfill. Together with a fantastic and supportive team from the City Manager for Inventory and Warehouse Ops, Scott Russell, BCIT students Jason Do and Shaun Afsharkia explored the question ‘how can RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) be leveraged to support the warehousing and storage use process? The students recommended implementing, and a shorter process for inventory tracking to eliminate inventory variances and track transactions more accurately. As part of their final report, the students charted an Implementation plan for RFID tags and a new process will be broken into two phases, the pilot implementation which will prototype the process in one stockroom, followed by full implementation across the entire site. The pilot implementation will include a four-week monitoring period to review variances and efficiency of the new process. The new transaction process will be automated and eliminate human error from manual transactions. The pilot implementation will require at least one employee responsible for monitoring success. Successful completion of the pilot can lead to a full implementation across the Landfill Department and eventually the rest of the city.

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