Improving Urban Cycling

Vancouver Bike Routes

Improving Urban Cycling

Collecting user feedback on safety and comfort of Vancouver's bike routes.






KIN 464


  • Andrea Bundon
  • Negin Riazi

City of Vancouver:

  • Mike Zipf


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Green Transportation


Students looked at 10 different Vancouver bike routes, using various methods of engagement to collect and analyze cyclists’ feedback on the comfort and safety of the routes. Different populations and users were interviewed, after which recommendations for improvements were made.

Investigating the Influences for Cycling Behaviour in Older Adults (Report + Poster)

Skateboarders on Bike Lanes (Report + Poster)

Feedback for Bike Routes on Point Grey Road (Report + Poster)

An Analysis of Cycle Route Safety Features (Report + Poster)

Comparison of Cambie Bridge, Nelson St and Richards St Bike Lanes (Report + Poster)

Incorporating E-Bikes into Safe Cycling (Report + Poster)

Safety in Numbers: Analysis of 3 Bike Routes (Report + Poster)

Faculty and Staff Commuting to UBC (Report + Poster)

Seawall Bike Paths (Report + Poster)

Quality and Safety of Bike Routes in Vancouver (Report + Poster)